The children of Virunga need your help

There are various ways for you to help the children of Virunga.

1. By sponsoring the education of a poor child or teenager you can offer them a future without poverty and violence.

The children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are among the poorest in the world. More than 20 years of warfare and unrest have left their country devastated. But now there is hope. The war is over and the country is being rebuilt. The cornerstones of a better future are jobs, higher living standards and – very importantly – a sound education. But while it is standard in the Western world for every child to receive primary schooling, the situation in the Congo is quite different. People are extremely poor and many lack even the basic necessities, including food. Many families are unable to pay the school fees of CHF 100 a year for their children. As a consequence, these children do not go to school, receive no education and have virtually no prospects for their future – a vicious circle. The aim of our school sponsorship program is to enable all children and teenagers to go to school so that they can build a better future for themselves. You can help with only CHF 100 / year.

Many children need your help! One of them is Aimé, an orphan who lost her brother to a sudden serious illness last year. Aimé’s brother was providing for the family. Without your help Aimé will have no future, because she has no one who could pay for her school fees.

> PDF list of children in need

2. Support of the orphanage in Rugari

> See Orphans in Rugari for more information

If you want to support the orphanage or sponsor a child or a teenager you can donate directly to one of our accounts, use the Easy Button and/or contact me personally. Please let us know for which purpose you would like to make a donation or which child or teenager you would like to sponsor.

Thank you very much!
Dr. med. vet. Marlene Zähner